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Jennifer is an avid hater of bad design and wasted opportunities.  Her 22 year career as a graphic designer reflects a long-term dedication to the eradication of both. She can often be spotted helping others save their audience from boredom, apathy and confusion.  You can view Jennifer's work here.

The concept for Standout Handouts came to Jennifer after she was the victim of last-minute, sloppy, poorly designed handouts thrust upon her at an otherwise polished presentation.  This experience was so traumatizing that she decided to found a company dedicated simply to rescuing both presenters and their audiences from a similar fate, and Standout Handouts was born.

65% of human beings visual learners.  Jennifer will help you use that statistic to your to your advantage and create handouts that will communicate your message and your brand quickly, clearly, and effectively, a gain a better response.

Julie Gubler - Direct Response Copywriter

Julie loves writing and words. She makes sure the message in your handout matches that of your presentation.


Writing is a bit different than speaking. During your presentation, people understand your message through words, tone of voice, and body language. Writing cuts out the tone of voice/body language.


Julie works with you so your handout is memorable. It will be full of interesting and important information. She’ll also help you develop a compelling call to action - which is a reason for your audience to contact you.


Julie has over 10 years’ experience as a direct-response copywriter and loves turning ideas into words.

Mark Popkes - Graphic Design & Marketing

Mark is a graphic designer and website developer who has been working in the field of marketing and development for 15 years. 

Rhett  has an extensive background in the craft of storytelling designed to move an audience to respond.  A graduate of Southern Utah University we tap Rhett when we need expert help in applying skillful storytelling to your handout materials.

Jessica has been editing in several genres for more than ten years. She loves helping an author create a clean, concise work that communicates a clear message to its audience. She offers her editing and proofreading services as an add-on service for presenters. A second pair of eyes is always beneficial after you’ve stared at it for hours! She can either check for grammar and punctuation or provide more intensive editing based on what you want to make your handout powerful and flawless.

Rhett Guter - Storyboard Consultant

Jessica Stout

Jessica Stout - Editing and Proofreading

Jennifer Guter - Graphic Design

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